Galway is the capital of west Ireland. It is close to the beautiful region of Connemara and is also the capital of culture in Ireland. It has c100.000 of a population. This programme takes place in an area of huge beauty, which allows students to become familiar with one of the most important universities in Ireland. It is surrounded by spectacular scenery.

The Irish people are warm, welcoming, friendly and especially kind to anyone who visits their homes. Their way of life and their customs do not differ much to that of the Spanish. Galway processes a wonderful atmosphere, it is a youthful city and its Irish traditional music and culture attracts visitors and students from all over the world. The families are very inviting and loving and have many years experience in hosting our students.

The Programme includes

  • Transport: Air travel
  • Transfers to and from airport in Spain and Ireland.
  • Free bus travel in Galway City
  • Accommodation is provided by native Irish families that are carefully selected.
  • Full board is provided to students
  • Three daily classes of 50 minutes.
  • Native teachers: General language lessons to build grammar and all communication skills, including teacher-led discussions, written exercises, group work and role-plays.
  • Accompaniment of experienced Spanish monitors during the trip and the stay.
  • Activities of cultural development programme: Excursion to Dublin, Aran Islands off the coast of Galway , The Burren and Cliffs of Moher, Cinema, Bowling, boat along the river, Irish pubs
  • Medical and accidental insurance included.
  • Diploma on completion of the course.
  • All Study material supplied • Backpack Supplied to all students

Summer Courses

Galway (Irlanda)

Edad: desde 11 años.

Fecha: del 5 de Julio al 30 de Julio

Duración: 26 Días

Precio: 2.720 €.

Descuento de 100 €

si te inscribes antes del 27 de Marzo

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  • Bonificación por combinado Inglaterra- Irlanda, (sólo mayores de 18 años).
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