Eastbourne is located on the south coast of Great Britain. It is 90 km from London and is surrounded by major cities such as Brighton and Hasting. The programme takes place in an area of great beauty, mild climate and cosmopolitan atmosphere which results in thousands of students visiting from all over the Europe every Summer. The exceptional location provides an ideal opportunity to experience the variety of aquatic activity, sports and leisure.

Its promenade is famous for its beauty, and its parks and gardens for their splendour and such a serene and colourful area.

In Eastbourne you can find everything you need, e.g. restaurants, music, present, souvenirs, pub and cafes…. The courses take place in a quiet and safe residential area. The families are well known and have the experience of sharing their homes with our students of previous years, many of whom returned to repeat year after year with the same host families.

Intensive courses